Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Mind of Mystikal

"It’s appropriate that Mystikal was a vet because he got his style from those big ass machine guns you see hanging off the edge of air craft carriers: Statacco bursts of concentrated fury. From his bio, Mystikal appears to have lived a fairly stressful, traumatic life and his verses were memorable for their intensity and emotion, which always seemed to be rage. In early 2004 Mystikal joined the growing list of Iraq war veterans incarcerated for violent crimes in the U.S."

The Mind of Mystikal from Oh Word

Oh shit, and I almost forgot about these...

The Complete Wu-Peanuts Collection

other favorites are...

Visual Interpretations of Popular Rap Lyrics

Cam'ron's Rhyme Book Found

Living with Baduizm

"Need to Stop Stressing Before I Have A Stroke" Playlist

Oh Word is quality shit. git git to it!

Friday, May 2, 2008

holy shit, i can't wait for this...

you heard it right, EVERYONE'S invited!

Art Official Flavors/Hey, Buddy! premiere

plz, make sure to come out to these events. it would be greatly appreciated

p.s. about the Art Official Flavors location. It's located on Central right before Paramore. It's a collective space run by kids in Orlando. I guarantee you that it will become a very helpful tool in letting Orlando progress into a fun and eventful city. Art Official Flavors will be the first event held at the new warehouse spot. It's actually the same warehouse where the Pintura International Graffiti Conference was held.

Free Food
Free Beer (for the privileged of course)
Performances by Orlando locals: Midaz, J Kroaz, Open Campain and DJ Stranger spinning all day

Events that aren't on the flier are:
Who's Rhyme is it Anyway
Game of SKATE
Art by Local Artists
Hip-Hop Trivia

plz, come through and be a part of your city. we need you!


tonight Mesh Skatepark let us paint up a premiere ad on the wall ride space. Big ups to Mesh Skatepark for letting us hang hard and let us feel productive...

click to see the trailer. or i guess you can also click here.

by the way, one of the featured skaters, Ryan O Conner in the video was on the cover of Focus Skateboard Magazine this month. so peep it, and let him know you saw it. he loves that shit.