Wednesday, April 30, 2008

busta busss

gahh, finally! busta rhymes comes through with the dopeness finally returning to his wild and crazy self/Hype Williams Music Video days. now if he can just grow his hair back out...

Busta Rhymes - Don't touch me

Leaders of the New School - Sobb Story

Busta Rhymes - Gimme Some Mo

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


unless there are already other websites dedicated to this kind of thing in Orlando...

FINALLY, we get our own!

Defame: Orlando

other websites who dabble in the sort of thing...

You Will Soon
Arab Parrot
Hipster Runoff
Satchel of Gravel

Kidz In The Hall - Wheelz Fall Off ('06 Til)

Monday, April 28, 2008

wild and crazy kids

Banned in Orlando 2 trailer


"Banned will be available through sparky's in the next couple days if a certain ironclad red-head gets down to business. It's worth it. I hope to god you never have to meet any of those shithead kids, but the video is good while you're drinking beer, I promise."

-Here for Kicks

you should check out Greg's Here for Kicks blog if you like all things naughty

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Since 1979 Clayton Patterson has dedicated his life to documenting the
final era of raw creativity and lawlessness in New York City’s Lower
East Side, a neighborhood famed for art, music and revolutionary
minds. Traversing the outside edge he’s recorded a dark and colorful
society, from drag to hardcore, heroin, homelessness, political chaos
and ultimately gentrification. His odyssey from voyeur to provocateur
reveals that it can take losing everything you love to find your own significance.

Thursday, April 24th at 6PM
Cantor Film Center’s Theater 200
36 East 8th Street (off University Place), NYC.

Ultimate Machine - the LeaveMeAloneBox

Pintura Graffiti Conference - Orlando

Dopeness. Orlando, Stand up!

Focused on producing outstanding experiences, be it a concert, dance party, or art collaboration, we strive to perfect every aspect of our events. World-class talent, amazing venues, and great people is what you'll experience at our parties. Our goal is to be the bridge that connects the arts, music, and culture together to experience something revolutionary.

-WPI Entertainment

but really, things arent so bad

Monday, April 7, 2008



Art Official Flavors has been moved to May 3rd

Sunday, April 6, 2008


so i really want to make an orlando magazine.

i'm thinking at least a 30-50 page colour spread.

i'd like to think of it as a collective of sorts. a mash between razorcake/axis/blogs/vice/focus/orlando weekly.

fuck zines. i want to go all out.

a magazine full of:
  • event info (house shows/concerts/movies/critical mass/art shows/food not bombs/skatepark events/premieres/dance parties/get togethers and such)
  • house show reviews
  • zine reviews
  • skateboarding
  • random person interviews
  • how to have fun with 10 dollars
  • things to do in orlando
  • things that suck in orlando
  • rants and raves
  • orlando history
  • fashion
  • orlando hotspots
  • restaurant reviews
  • new trends that i see around orlando
  • who's who
  • thumbs up thumbs down section (things i see that i like and dont like)
  • how to...
  • public rants
  • adventures section
  • orlando happenings
and so on...

i'd really like to put out at least 50-100 (personal hand outs/culture mart/mesh skatepark/covert_beta/galactic g/kyles bike shop/backbooth_social/wholefoodz)of these suckers a month. i know its going to be difficult due to insufficient funds so maybe a donation party is in order.

how does this make you feel?

any suggestions?

any donations?

plz email:

Belief f/ Murs and C-Ray Walz - Let's Go

Slick Rick f/ Big Boi - Street Talkin'

Saturday, April 5, 2008

goals are a good thing

goals for next week.

*work all week
*no drunkies
*make a flier for Art Official
*get my doodle on
*finish current projects
*take momma out for breakfast
*fall in love
*fall out of love
*get new ink for printer
*plan out my money situation
*buy blank cd's
*make some cd's for ben (little cousin)
*put together a layout for a Loveless zine

good luck ;)