Monday, June 29, 2009

July 4th presents PLANNELFLAID

starts at 4pm at Ft. Locklear behind stardust,

::2601 marble ave winter park 32803::

food and beer will take place

an hour or so into the nomz you will have to leave to the next location. from
Ft. Locklear you will be given a map to the next location where there
will be a band/bandz and beerz and then the same follows within
the next hour or so. everything is within a 5 mile radius

fun fun fun. bring your high spirits, an extra shirt, fireworks and
don't forget anything other than a car,
otherwise it won't be as fun.

ps. there will be suprises!

any questions or concerns can be directed to:


Sunday, June 28, 2009

raphael jaramillo

it doesnt look as serious as it does. raphs picture taking skills just makes it seem that way.

1983 Honda NU50 Urban Express

gettin my portrait on

1979 Puch Maxi Luxe

sanding the rust away

gettin my man on

"praying to the moped god's" bahahaha

it's not this serious, i promise!


stuff pt 2

puch e50 engine with 70cc kit and 25mm carb. eep!

i am in no way mechanically inclined. i bought it this way, haha

and the combo

I'll be done with the bike this week. repainted, put together and hopefully tuned to shit. stay tuned for more epic raph pix!

and i know your impressed by his pictures. if not, go away.

raphs contact info is:

and more pictures will be found here:

and plz plz plz plz plz dont forget to come out to...

ps. i went to st. pete for their alley cat to represent for Orlando and Meta Bags.

i didn't race, but i sure did drink a lot of their free beer and at slices upon slices of their free pizza. thank yall.

also big ups to BETA for some gear. they had a sale. i nerded out today and copped a buncha stuff. i'm going back again soon for more. eepz.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

for fun

doodle by bobbs.

*'traveling' as in it will take place in more than one location.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Meta Bags. Straight outta OrlanDRO. Only the finest highest of quality materials are on the bags. Hand made which makes the detail BONG BONG. Affordable for it's type. Sexy, sleek, DOPE! Colorways are outta control. Fuck a dunk, META's on the come up for the next colorway collectibles, ha. And also you won't have that stupid seat belt buckle on your chest that everyone always pushes and all of your beer and belongings get smashed into tiny pieces. As a matter of fact, even if you do some Lyle shit and drop your bag/knock shit over, there's so much padding you'll do just fine. You heard it hear folks, LYLE proof!




ps. the Florida Bicycle Film Festival is coming in august!
Make sure to grab a bag just in time for the even!
Don't show up to be the only asshole
without one!