Monday, October 24, 2011

Spent all my money till friday

So after installing the new reeds and head gasket, the MB5 started acting up. There was no low end and it would start slowing down in the top. Steve and I both figured there was an air leak somewhere. After spraying it down with no response, I curiously looked at the plug to see how it's been running. It turns out the previous owner ran a B-4 which I assumed got so hot it cracked the porcelain. Off to Advance Auto Parts! 20 minutes later, the clueless employee helped me find the right plug. Even if you start out with "I have a part/model number" they will continue to ask you for make and model multiple times. To save you the trouble I took down their store number for the plug. It is 4322 which is an NGK BR8HS.

After a long ride to Little 500 and shooting guns, I realized my chain was making a crunchy sound. I guess it's time for a new chain and sprockets. Some little neighbor at the gas station told me I had a "junk bike" and asked if he could get a ride. I guess this time I'll go ahead and order a tail light lens and battery too. The two flash lights and bicycle tail lights ain't too fresh.

In other news, I'm trading the roach/bumblebee project for a running Ciao with a pipe and carb. It works out well since the MB5 has become first on the list.

To break it up a little bit, this is Max. That's his latest project. He builds real neat things. Check out more of his stuff here.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Little Updates

I sold the 102SP so I got to make an MB5 order. I got myself a new head gasket, boyesen reeds 14 tooth front sprocket, spare tube and a VM20 intake. I got the gasket and reeds in, but am waiting to install the sprocket till I get a VM20. It doesn't feel like it'll have enough power in 5th gear. It really has to wind out to get to 50mph. I really thought the new reeds would improve throttle response, but I didn't find it noticeable.

Also took the cluster off since the speedo needle broke and the tach just goes wild. Steve and I went on a long ride and he mentioned that when once his MB5 needles went out of true, they never read right again.
I mounted some tomos fork ears and put a moped headlight on. I'm still not sure if I like it or not. I haven't gotten my lights to work yet anyways.
Hopefully by next weekend I'll have a new front wheel since mine is so wobbly and a bit scary in the 40+mph range. Also made the decision to go to Suches 50cc True Grits Fun!

And just so this isn't all about the MB5, this is Garbanzo. He's an african spurred tortoise and is an eating machine.

Monday, October 10, 2011

MB5 update

It's been raining nonstop so I haven't been able to get any decent photos of the MB5. I got the gazelle on without too much force. I thought it was going to be really difficult and was ready to hand over $15 bones to get them mounted. Instead I got myself another tire iron and it was on in 5 minutes. Unfortunately, I guess I still messed up at some point because the tube now reads 10psi after a few days.

Even with the miserable weather I got to ride it around a bunch. It feels pretty solid. I'm still getting used to shifting way later compared to the DT125. I'm about to get a bike speedo on so I can take off the cluster. The speedo has gotten passed 45, but I still haven't let it wind out. The front forks also seem to be frozen. Unfortunately, this thing doesn't have a bleed at the bottom of the forks. It's a bit ridiculous, they have to be dismantled and turned upside down. I also got to mess with the idle screw today and it finally idles. I've been so excited about riding it that I never messed with it until today. I also completely forgot that it has a horn and kill switch. It's so wild how it idles so low. It reminds me of Jonny's cub. It sounds like it's about to shut off when it comes to an idle.

While I had the rear wheel off, I gave it a quick sanding and polish. It turned out pretty good for the few minutes of work. I can't imagine what it'd actually look like if I took my time! The next thing on the list is to get the front forks moving and get the lights to work. It'll be getting a new headlight and fork ears to have them lowered. I've been riding around with a flashlight taped to the forks and a bicycle light.

I'll hopefully be selling a moped to fund a VM20, intake, 14 sprocket, reeds and 50cc homoet pipe. It'd be really nice to get a front brake set up. I've got a front brake handle, but the reservoir is cracked. I guess it can wait...

This is the 1980 Peugeot 102SP U3 I got from Chip. This is the nicest looking moped I've ever come across. He did a really great job. It looks almost new. I still haven't found a spec of rust. It's got tons of new stuff. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten it to spark.

I bought a new coil with no luck. If no one buys it soon I'll be getting new points and a condenser. I'm hoping that's what's preventing it from sparking. I'm really curious to see what speed this thing will do. It's a sad thought to see this thing go, but the MB5 comes first.

Monday, October 3, 2011

1982 Honda MB5

I've finally got myself an HONDA MB5! Found it on craigslist and had the dude hold it for me for a week. I guess the other interested buyer was a student at USF who was gonna use the top end for another MB5. Good thing it went to me! It's interesting that these were only imported for one year at approximately 2,000 bikes, yet they seem to pop up often. Hopefully, next year I'll be able to do the True Grits Fun Run.

I asked the seller to kick over the bike and surprisingly it started first kick. What a shocker! I had him restart it and go through the gears. I actually didn't expect anything to fire or shift. It's a good thing because the weather is getting too nice to sit around and work on bikes.

I actually had no money to even buy the bike so instead I worked out a deal with Chip. It was real fun checking out bikes, his car and hearing his stories.

Shout out to LL Cool Bean Steve for hooking it up with the transport and initial funding.

I also got myself a minty Peugeot 102SP. I traded Chip my Garelli Monza. I'm really happy it went to him since I know it'll be well taken care of.

Here she sits today. I had to buckle down the tank and seat. Swapped out the bent bars for some M bars I had laying around. I also took off the rear wheel for tomorrows shipment of a new tube and tread. It also looks like it leaks a bit from the head so I guess I should do something about that. I just want to ride doubles already.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

comp one

Made picture booklets. It's full of drunken binges, lost fights and uninteresting events.
You're probably in it. Limited of five. haha
Let me know if you want one.

Saturday, April 2, 2011



Today, I somehow fit a 1978 DT 125 in my Toyota Corolla. I was so excited I didn't sleep which led me to take out my back seat and front passenger seat. I only had to take the handlebars and rear tail light off the bike. The best part about the whole thing is the cost, but I'll have to keep it a secret. I bought it from a real nice dude who builds dragsters in a double storage unit.

It doesn't run yet, but is super clean, has a title and came with extra parts.


While in the area, I also picked up a neat helmet for cheap.


It doesn't seem like anything major is preventing it from running. From my trial and error experience of mopeds, it shouldn't be too hard to get running.






The funny thing is, I have no experience of driving anything that shifts, haha. My last and only attempt was being 12 years old driving a 3 wheel cushman over a tee box spilling the drinking water in the truck bed because I had no idea what I was doing. All this reminds me of the Grease 2 motorbike montage. It's gonna be a hilarious attempt for me to figure this out.

If you can't tell I'm really excited for this project. I apologize for how scattered everything is. Catch me on the streets!