Monday, October 3, 2011

1982 Honda MB5

I've finally got myself an HONDA MB5! Found it on craigslist and had the dude hold it for me for a week. I guess the other interested buyer was a student at USF who was gonna use the top end for another MB5. Good thing it went to me! It's interesting that these were only imported for one year at approximately 2,000 bikes, yet they seem to pop up often. Hopefully, next year I'll be able to do the True Grits Fun Run.

I asked the seller to kick over the bike and surprisingly it started first kick. What a shocker! I had him restart it and go through the gears. I actually didn't expect anything to fire or shift. It's a good thing because the weather is getting too nice to sit around and work on bikes.

I actually had no money to even buy the bike so instead I worked out a deal with Chip. It was real fun checking out bikes, his car and hearing his stories.

Shout out to LL Cool Bean Steve for hooking it up with the transport and initial funding.

I also got myself a minty Peugeot 102SP. I traded Chip my Garelli Monza. I'm really happy it went to him since I know it'll be well taken care of.

Here she sits today. I had to buckle down the tank and seat. Swapped out the bent bars for some M bars I had laying around. I also took off the rear wheel for tomorrows shipment of a new tube and tread. It also looks like it leaks a bit from the head so I guess I should do something about that. I just want to ride doubles already.