Monday, October 24, 2011

Spent all my money till friday

So after installing the new reeds and head gasket, the MB5 started acting up. There was no low end and it would start slowing down in the top. Steve and I both figured there was an air leak somewhere. After spraying it down with no response, I curiously looked at the plug to see how it's been running. It turns out the previous owner ran a B-4 which I assumed got so hot it cracked the porcelain. Off to Advance Auto Parts! 20 minutes later, the clueless employee helped me find the right plug. Even if you start out with "I have a part/model number" they will continue to ask you for make and model multiple times. To save you the trouble I took down their store number for the plug. It is 4322 which is an NGK BR8HS.

After a long ride to Little 500 and shooting guns, I realized my chain was making a crunchy sound. I guess it's time for a new chain and sprockets. Some little neighbor at the gas station told me I had a "junk bike" and asked if he could get a ride. I guess this time I'll go ahead and order a tail light lens and battery too. The two flash lights and bicycle tail lights ain't too fresh.

In other news, I'm trading the roach/bumblebee project for a running Ciao with a pipe and carb. It works out well since the MB5 has become first on the list.

To break it up a little bit, this is Max. That's his latest project. He builds real neat things. Check out more of his stuff here.