Monday, October 17, 2011

Little Updates

I sold the 102SP so I got to make an MB5 order. I got myself a new head gasket, boyesen reeds 14 tooth front sprocket, spare tube and a VM20 intake. I got the gasket and reeds in, but am waiting to install the sprocket till I get a VM20. It doesn't feel like it'll have enough power in 5th gear. It really has to wind out to get to 50mph. I really thought the new reeds would improve throttle response, but I didn't find it noticeable.

Also took the cluster off since the speedo needle broke and the tach just goes wild. Steve and I went on a long ride and he mentioned that when once his MB5 needles went out of true, they never read right again.
I mounted some tomos fork ears and put a moped headlight on. I'm still not sure if I like it or not. I haven't gotten my lights to work yet anyways.
Hopefully by next weekend I'll have a new front wheel since mine is so wobbly and a bit scary in the 40+mph range. Also made the decision to go to Suches 50cc True Grits Fun!

And just so this isn't all about the MB5, this is Garbanzo. He's an african spurred tortoise and is an eating machine.