Sunday, April 6, 2008


so i really want to make an orlando magazine.

i'm thinking at least a 30-50 page colour spread.

i'd like to think of it as a collective of sorts. a mash between razorcake/axis/blogs/vice/focus/orlando weekly.

fuck zines. i want to go all out.

a magazine full of:
  • event info (house shows/concerts/movies/critical mass/art shows/food not bombs/skatepark events/premieres/dance parties/get togethers and such)
  • house show reviews
  • zine reviews
  • skateboarding
  • random person interviews
  • how to have fun with 10 dollars
  • things to do in orlando
  • things that suck in orlando
  • rants and raves
  • orlando history
  • fashion
  • orlando hotspots
  • restaurant reviews
  • new trends that i see around orlando
  • who's who
  • thumbs up thumbs down section (things i see that i like and dont like)
  • how to...
  • public rants
  • adventures section
  • orlando happenings
and so on...

i'd really like to put out at least 50-100 (personal hand outs/culture mart/mesh skatepark/covert_beta/galactic g/kyles bike shop/backbooth_social/wholefoodz)of these suckers a month. i know its going to be difficult due to insufficient funds so maybe a donation party is in order.

how does this make you feel?

any suggestions?

any donations?

plz email:

Belief f/ Murs and C-Ray Walz - Let's Go

Slick Rick f/ Big Boi - Street Talkin'