Monday, August 11, 2008

as of late

jokes with jada

this shit cracks me up

more gone than freeman on The Electric Company

freeman has always looked old

bone thug/mariah carey - breakdown

~mariah carey is a robot and will always be fine
~krayzie's hair game is always top notch, definitely the most stylish bone thug
~the fisheye compositions are horrible
~...and so is the video concept
~it really bothers me that the lyrics "P.O.D'ed, but it's still the same" is too explicit

Peter and the Wolf.

I lost my VHS tape of this years ago and can't seem to find it anywhere. Holler if you here me.

4 Tay - I'll be around

DJ Y-Not got me hooked on this shit.

Paul Westerberg - If Only You Were Lonely

QB's finest - Oochie Wally

I was really disappointed that Nas never played this song at Rock The Bells Miami. Dude was way too serious with his political rants. His new singles have really turned me away from listening to his new album. Damn son.

Pump up the volume trailer

I saw this movie for the first time last night. Don't let christian slater fool you. The movie isnt that bad.

Isley Brothers/R Kelly - Contagious

"Thought I told your ass to get to walking
Now I think ya'll better leave this place
Cause I'm about to catch a case"

That's some real pimp shit to say.

My other favorite narrative songs are Biggie - I got a story to tell and Binary Star - Wolfman Jack